uh-schloss-beuggen© Randall Cook
A few weeks ago I found the first edit of my new CD in the mail box. And then yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with our wonderful sound engineer Renate Wolter-Seevers – in the Freudenburg in Bassum.

We had a chance to discuss whether we could replace this or that “c“or make a suddenly “vanished“ syllable (“I just ran out of air!“) audible again by using a different take … I cannot wait to see (and hear) the final product!

Do pencil it in: the “Dialoghi a voce sola“ will be released by the label “Raumklang“ by September 2014. They can then be ordered direct from me! („support the artist, buy local“)

I'm happy for every direct order, since as artists we receive only a few cents of those CDs that are sold via the big online stores. And from that we couldn't have financed this CD unfortunately …